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Top 5 Freelancing Sites in India to Find Your Next Remote Job (2020)

Some Important Questions

These all Question are important before start, We find Top 5 Freelancing Sites in India for you, Please check and start.
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Want to convert your hobby into an income-generating idea? If Yes, then Freelancing is one of the most effective jobs to earn some extra income today. If you’re a beginner and thinking for a career in Freelancing or even searching for some extra side income after 9-5 job, then this article might assist you find some best Freelancing sites to figure with.

Today, Freelancing isn’t a part-time business anymore, in fact, the “Gig Economy” is one of the most effective industries for those individuals who want to work independently. The USA has the very best number of freelancers followed by India. As per the recent report, the number of freelancers within the USA is more than 57 Million.

In India, more than 15 Million are working independently in various sectors love it , Sales, designing, marketing, content & academic writings, etc. As per Wikipediamore than 50% of Indians will select Freelancing as a career option by 2020.

As per the report from Upwork, Freelancing contributed nearly $1 Trillion to the US economy which is around 5% of the countries GDP.

These numbers will increase definitely within the coming years because more and more jobs are going to be outsourced from freelancers.

Here, during this article, i’ll try and cover some reliable & best freelancing sites in India, especially for the beginners searching for starting a career in Freelancing.

Benefit of Working as Freelancer

Are you the one who hates to visualize the Monday Morning or like to work independently, then Freelancing is the perfect job for you.

I am not saying, Micro Jobs are the most effective Jobs within the World, but certainly you’ll get some extra cash in your pocket.

Here is a few top reason if you wish to begin freelancing as a part-time or full-time career.

1. No more Dependence: you’re the boss of your own life. No more orders from your Boss or Higher Authorities.

2. Flexible Working: you’ll choose your own working hours, no fixed schedule, all depends on you.

3. Faster Growth: Freelancing gives you a faster growth opportunity which isn’t possible in any full-time job.

4. Work at your Ease: you’ll work anywhere you like. Freelancing is the best example of work From the house business. Even you’ll work during your vacation period because it needs only a laptop and internet connection. 

5. Immense Earning Potentiality: it’s immense earning potentiality if you’ll work hard with proper planning. A full-time job will offer you fixed income but freelancing offers you unlimited earnings.

6. Work For your Choice: you’ll work that you have a passion or interest. you have complete freedom to decide on the project.

7. Select your own Clients: you have the complete freedom to pick your own clients. Though it may not be possible at the initial stage of freelancing. Once you established yourself as a brand, you’ll choose your own clients.

Best Freelancing Sites in India 2020

Like any other Start-ups, freelancing also takes time to get some respectable earnings. It takes years of hard work and dedication to build-up yourself as a brand in the “Gig Economy”. But the important challenge for the rookie freelancers is getting accepted in many popular freelance sites.

Though IT and designing related gigs are hottest in freelancing sites, you’ll find any kind of job, which you’re aware of & related to your profession.

Here, I try and categorically cover the most effective freelancing websites, especially for the Indian job seekers thinking to make a career as a freelancer.

1. Upwork

Upwork (previously Elance-oDesk) is the largest freelance marketplace in the World with quite 12 million freelancers and three million clients. Over 50 lacs jobs are posted annually on Upwork worth quite $1 billion. you’ll find any quite job on Upwork. some of the popular jobs are Website Dev, IT & networking, Data Science & Analytics, Designing & Creative, Content Writing, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and many more.

Several reputed MNCs like Microsoft, GE, Pinterest, Automattic are in the Upwork’s client lists.

There is no dearth of Job opportunity on Upwork, but if you’re a beginner, you wish to work hard to create up your reputation as an expert.

As a beginner, you’ll show your profile to more than 30 lacs clients worldwide. But remember it cuts 20% of earnings until you become an experienced gig.

If you’re a beginner and searching to make up a career in freelancing then, Upwork is the best platform, because it’s the biggest base clients within the World. Once accepted in this platform, you might get unlimited earning opportunities from this website.

Most Suitable For: 

  • Website Developers,
  • IT & Networking, Designing
  • Any types of general freelancing
  • Content Writing
  • Software Developers

2. Freelancer

One of the most effective & extremely popular Freelance website for the Indian Micro Job seekers. Freelancer is a huge platform where many buyers & sellers close .

The site has a powerful buyer list of top MNCs like Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, Metlife & more you’ll create a free seller profile and showcase skills to prospective buyers. you’ll get any reasonably job – starting from small gigs to large projects.

Some of the popular categories of Micro Jobs, you’ll find in Freelancer are Data Entry, Web Designing, Article Writing, Virtual Assistant, Logo Designing, App Creating, Package Designing, and many more. the majority of the freelancers of this site are from countries like India, the US, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.

Freelancer has over 27 million registered users and posted over 13 million projects in diverse categories of jobs.

Freelancer commission rate much lower than Upwork or Fiverr, it takes 10% for Hourly Work and for Fixed Project 10% or $5, whichever is higher.

Most Suitable for:

  • Web Designing
  • IT & Networking
  • Content Writing
  • Logo Designing

3. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one in all the highly rated and reliable remote job sites to work with. If you’re searching for a work for the home kind of Job, especially from the countries like US or India, then Flexjobs is a perfect site. All the roles at Flexjobs are 100% “Remote”.

Some of the highest brands in the World like Dell, Apple, Hilton, Salesforce are the customers of Flexjobs. To use the sites freelance platform, you’ll need to purchase the paid membership decide to access the job boards. Flexjobs membership plans start from $6.95 per week and if you buy for one year, it’ll cost $49.95/year. The plans aren’t very costly if you’re looking for quality projects without any scam.

At Flexjobs, you’ll find all kinds of jobs like Content Writing, Virtual Assistant, Website Developers, Digital Marketers, Virtual Teaching jobs, software developers, copywriters, and many more.

Most Suitable For:

  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Software Developers
  • Digital Marketing

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a well-known Freelance site especially for the online Designers & Developers. If you’re beginners and thinking to make up a reputation during this industry, then Fiverr is a superb platform to begin.

Fiverr accommodates differing kinds of work for the freelancers, some of them are, Graphic Designing, Logo Making, Digital marketing, Video Editing, Books & Album covers, Package designing, and many more. the most important thing for brand new freelancers is the no screening process. Therefore the possibilities of acceptance are higher for the inexperienced or beginners.

As of 2019, the Active buyers or clients of Fiverr is over 2.30 Million. Unlike the other Freelance website, Fiverr also shows INR as one of the currency, therefore price fluctuation doesn’t affect the earnings.

Fiverr takes 20% as commission from the published projects.

Most Suitable For:

  • Web Designer,
  • Logo Maker
  • WordPress Site Developer
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Apps Developers

4. Peopleperhour

As the name speaks itself, Peopleperhour is the place where clients hire freelancers on an hourly basis. Peopleperhour is one such place which allows the freelancers to figure as Virtual Team to complete any projects.

Peopleperhour is one among the most effective & genuine freelance websites, both for the buyers and Job seekers. you’ll create your free profile on Peopleperhour & upload your portfolio to attract the clients. Even for the new freelancers, Peopleperhour helps to make up the portfolio, so that they’ll get projects or jobs.

Some of the largest name companies in the World like BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, CNBC, etc are the clients of Peopleperhour.

The website also runs a design contest, where you’ll show your best design work for competing for the projects from clients.

Unlike the other Freelance Websites, Peopleperhour pays in Pounds (euros), but if you’ve got Payoneer or PayPal Business Account, then you won’t have any problem in receiving the payments in Indian Bank Accounts.

Some of the popular gigs in Peopleperhour are Affiliate Marketing, App Development, IT Networking, Social Media Management, Lead Generation, etc.

Most Suitable for: 

  • Mobile App Development
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Development

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