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Top 10 Free SEO Tools (2020)

This is a list of the 25 best free SEO tools on the web world.

The best part?

All of these tools work GREAT in 2020.

Let’s get started…

Top 10 Free SEO Tools

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

1. Animalz Revive

Improve and update old content.

Animalz Revive helps you discover older content on your site that needs an update, an upgrade… or both.

Before this tool, you had to manually comb through your Google Analytics account to search out these pages.Which was a large pain.

Fortunately, this tool tells you exactly which articles on your site need the most attention.

Best Feature: “Traffic Loss Since Peak (Views)” This feature lets you know exactly how many visitors that a piece of outdated content is costing you.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

2. CanIRank

Quickly answer the question: “Can I rank for this keyword?”.

CanIRank could be a super-detailed keyword difficulty tool. And unlike most free SEO tools, CanIRank doesn’t provide you with generic advice like:

“This keyword is actually competitive”
“This keyword has low competition”

Instead, it tells you whether or not you’ll rank for that keyword.

Very cool. Best Feature: “How are you able to better target this keyword?” CanIRank isn’t only for sizing up the primary page competition. It also gives you suggestions which will assist you rank for a particular term.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

3. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

You might have heard that Google recently made a giant change to its algorithm.

(This change is officially called “Mobile-First Indexing”).

The bottom line is this: If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’re in big trouble. Fortunately, you don’t need a full-time developer to create your site mobile-friendly. All you wish to do is run your site through the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. And it tells you whether or not Google considers your site mobile-friendly.

Best Feature: “Page loading issues”

This feature shows you ways you’ll improve your site’s code. That way, Google’s mobile crawler can find and index all of the resources on your site.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

4. Seobility

Get a deep-dive SEO site analysis.

SEObility crawls your entire site and allows you to understand search engine optimization issues like:

Slow loading pages
Blocked pages
Sitemap problems
Technical SEO issues
Lots more

You usually only get this kind of stuff from paid SEO tools. So it’s very nice that Seobility gives you this data for free. Best Feature: Content Report

This report hands you a listing of pages that have content-related SEO issues. (Things like thin content, missing meta titles, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content)

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

5. Ubersuggest

Get keyword suggestions and competition data.

Ubersuggest includes a lot of features that are usually only found in premium SEO tools.

But it’s 100% free.

To use it, type in a very keyword that you just want to rank for (or a competing website that you want to rank above). And Ubersuggest will offer you detailed data on keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, and more. Plus, you get a listing of suggested keywords that are based on the keyword you typed in.

Best Feature: “Comparisons”

This feature shows you “X vs. Y” keywords. 
In my experience, X vs. Y keywords is super untapped.

Sure, they’ll not get as many searches as traditional keywords. But they’re SUPER targeted and high-converting. And to my knowledge, Ubersuggest is that the only tool that specifically bubbles up X vs. Y keywords.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

6. Google Search Console

Get SEO help straight from Google. No list of free SEO tools would be complete without the Google Search Console.


The GSC could be a VERY feature-rich piece of SEO software. and unlike just about every other tool on the market, you recognize the info is legit.

(After all, it comes from Google)

For example, you’ll use the Google Search Console as a rank tracker to see your site’s rankings within the SERPs. Best Feature: Index Coverage Report The Index Coverage Report gives you a listing of pages on your site that aren’t getting indexed. You can also see how you’ll get things back on the right track.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is not really an SEO tool. But it is almost impossible to run an SEO campaign without it.


The data in Google Analytics tells you whether or not your SEO efforts are paying off. I’m talking about data like:

Organic traffic
Bounce rate
Traffic sources
Time on site
Page speed

Best Feature: Google Analytics and Google Search Console Integration Google Analytics is super powerful on its own. But once you combine it with the Google Search Console? It is even MORE powerful.

Linking your GSC account with GA hooks you up with helpful info, just like the keywords people use to search out your site, your organic CTR, and more cool stuff.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

8. Yoast WordPress Plugin

The best SEO plugin for WordPress. If your site runs on WordPress, you would like to install Yoast ASAP. It is by far the most robust SEO plugin on the market. The best part? It’s 100% free.

Best Feature: XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps help Google and other search engines find, crawl and index all of the pages on your site. And with the Yoast plugin, you don’t need to tinker along with your sitemap each time you add a replacement page to your site. That’s because Yoast updates your sitemap automatically. Cool.

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

9. Bing Webmaster Tools

Optimize your site for Bing.

Bing Webmaster Tools is essentially the Google Search Console… except for Bing. So if you wish to induce your site indexed (and ranked) in Bing, Bing Webmaster Tools could be a must-have.

Best Feature: Keyword Research Tool

Get keyword ideas (and data) straight from Bing. And unlike the Google Keyword Planner, the info from Bing is strictly for organic search (not Bing PPC or Adwords).

top 10 free SEO tools 2020

10. Answer The Public

Find 150+ keyword ideas in seconds.

Most SEO tools get their data from a similar place: The Google Keyword Planner. Answer the general public is different. This awesome tool finds questions that individuals ask on forums, blogs and on social media. And it turns those questions into awesome keywords:

Best Feature: “Vs. Keywords”

You’d be surprised what percentage people search for “X vs. Y” keywords in Google. 
(For example: “iPhone vs. Android” or “SEMRush vs. Ahrefs”)

And Answer the general public has a section of the results dedicated to “Vs. Keywords”. Which brings us to the 2nd tool on our list…

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