Best 5 Free Keyword Research Tools for 2020

Some Important Questions

These all Question are important before start, Free and Paid SEO Tools , Now we give you answers the all question. Let’s start. 

Keyword research isn’t regarding a “keyword”; it’s about phrases and questions your target audiences are using to search out the answers, products, and services they need. These phrases and questions a critical component of any type of a marketing campaign.

While gathering this data will be very time-consuming when you have completed your keyword research, you must have valuable information you need for:

  • Creating better SEO strategies
  • PR campaigns
  • Content ideation — video, text, social, etc.
  • Audience research
  • Paid advertising
  • Local search campaigns
  • Competitive research
  • Keywords and phrases to ignore
  • Brainstorming sessions

Keyword Research Tools

There are many of free tools for you to use which will assist you gather this essential information. i’m about to break down Top 5 tools that are free, easy to use, and full of valuable data marketers and businesses can use to enhance their marketing strategies. Here are the tools i’ll break down for you:

SEMrush Free Option

The Keyword Magic Tool is a simple tool to use for keyword research, and it provides a decent deal of data . Free users can perform 10 requests per day, but confine mind that every query during this tool counts towards your daily limit of 10 queries in Domain and Keyword Analytics.

Each query allows you to check broad match keywords, phrase match, exact match, related, and questions about the keywords.

If You Find Free SEO Tool, SEMrudh is good option, you get info about your and competitors website.

Google Trends

Google Trends will assist you see the relative popularity of keywords, provide valuable data on regional variations, and could be a great source for evaluating seasonality and trends in changes with SE number for specific keywords over time.

This data is effective because it’ll assist you avoid jumping on a trend that has passed and can allow you to see what matters to Google users now.


You can compare multiple keywords to assist you identify audience interests over time.

Keyword Interests or Trends by Country: 

This data will help you keyword/topic interests by region, which is extremely valuable information. 



This is an excellent tool for discovering phrases you might not have thought of or have forgotten.

AnswerThePublic includes a free version of their tool, and with it, they permit you to check visualizations of questions and phrases asked around a specific root keyword. The related phrases are great for research and ideation. Note that you need to buy the professional version to get regional information for every root keyword. Let’s check out how the tool works. They break the information down into related questions, prepositions, queries by alphabetical order, and related searches.

With the keyword “spring break vacations”, they provided the following related question

And queries broken down by prepositions